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Garage Wisdom

Now That We Are Getting The Cars Out.

 More and More of us have finally got our cars out of storage and started racking up the miles.

 Like last Friday. We went for a little cruise to the gas station.

 And KEPT going.

We found a burned out marsh, took a right for like 20 miles, took another right and found the city of Shiocton. The Sturgeon were in the river.

 Went down the road, turned right again, finally got home.

 We saw a bunch of classics and muscle cars out that day just cruising around.

​ I really like this time of year


Winter is Dead

Well, it's starting to warm up enough that we can take our cars out finally. 

When I'm in the garage looking for something to tinker with, I like to consider myself as thinking "outside the box"

 Like when i took that crummy heat tube choke off of my Torino.

 I thought "Now what am I going to use?"

 See, no plan. "What fun this is going to be."

 After looking at the collection of junk carbs under my bench, I had one of those "Taa Daa" moments.

 There is this junk Holley with an electric choke on it. A little filling and the thing fit perfect.

 This thing starts when it's like 20 degrees outside now.

​ I love it when a plan works


Your Questions Answered From The VCC World Headquarters

We have been receiving emails with questions concerning our hobby.

 We can only answer one question at a time. So be patient. We will get to it

This weeks question comes from Ron in St. Louis

Dear VCC,

 I have a couple of questions rolled into one because its for the same car.

 The first one is, Is it supposed to make sparks like that?

 The second question is,

My wife thinks the interior is made of dyed mouse fur.

 I specifically said its velour.

Who's right.


 Dear Ron,

when it starts making sparks, its best to close the tool box and go watch Home and Garden Channel.

 Secondly, Did you ask your wife or did she just drop that one on you for fun.