We get together once a week to Cruize to local establishments.   We also gather for the annual Fall Leaf Cruize.  Some may get lost along the way.. or as they say.. took the scenic route! 




Like all car owners, our members like to get together to brag about their rides.  But all are willing to share their vast knowledge with others.  Some are true gearheads, some are trivia experts, most are full of stories.

Some of the members can be seen at car shows every weekend.    Other members prefer to test their horsepower at the tracks.  A few even enjoy the PowerTour and Drag Week.


What we are...

We are what we are not!  We are NOT a Club, we are friends that like to Cruize, Show and Brag about our cars.   We have no rules, except have fun, respect each other, and have more fun!    Please come back and visit us often, as we update our events and happenings throughout the year.